America’s New Favorite Ball Toss Game

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Play Popongo!

Toss Ball Game Set for Sale in the USA


Popongo is a game in which players take turns tossing foam balls into cups, on a platform, which have different point values. Collect as many points as possible and once you win, Popongo!

Perfect for a fun family activity. Popongo is sure to keep the entire family entertained for hours.

There is no such thing as beating your own high score. There is no high score. It is not a timed game. The longer you play, the more points you make. Fantastic option for a game night with your friends. Ideal for lawn, at home or on-the-go fun.

  • 1-Board Set

    The Popongo 1-board set includes 1 board, 9 cups, and 10 balls.

  • 2-Board Set

    The Popongo 2-board set includes 2 boards, 18 cups, and 20 balls.