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Spikeball Alternative That's Fun for EVERYONE

We’ve got nothing against Spikeball, also known in a not-so-catchy manner as roundnet. We’re sure it’s super fun once you figure out how to play the thing. However, a significant number of people have been searching for an alternative to the game for the summer months ahead. 

Why? It could have something to do with recent studies. One body of research titled “Injuries in the Emerging Sport of Spikeball” uncovered the following:

“166 athletes participated in the study, with 33.7% playing at the elite level. 279 injuries were reported, with 86.1% of athletes reporting at least one injury throughout their playing career. Injuries most frequently involved the shoulder (20%), ankle (18%), knee (14%) and elbow (14%). 47% of reported injuries occurred due to overuse, and 67% resulted in missed competition time averaging 2.0 months. There were 10 injuries (3.6%) that required surgery. No differences were found in regards to injury frequency or any injury characteristics between elite and non-elite athletes.”  (National Library of Medicine)

But we digress. We’re not here to sway anyone’s opinion on the matter. Instead, we’re simply answering the call made by thousands of Americans who have come online in search of a Spikeball alternative. Read ahead to learn more!

Why Popongo is a Roundnet / Spikeball Alternative That is More Fun for Everyone

Injuries Not Included

Spikeball Alternative - Spike Ball Alternatives

We’ll address the aforementioned elephant in the room right away. Unless you drop the Popongo board (you won’t, it’s light) on your exposed pinky toe, there’s really little to no chance of injury involved in game play. Whether your crew includes collegiate athletes with scholarships that could be derailed by a rotator cuff injuries, or grandparents with sore…everything…there’s no cause for concern. This makes it more fun for everyone in the gang!

It’s Casual

People who prefer Popongo as a Spikeball alternative appreciate the fact that it’s a causal game that can be played without exerting too much effort. To clarify, you won’t spill your root beer or brew when aiming your ball at the cup that offers the points required to win. You may want to put your drink down if aiming at an Equalizer, however, as there’s a lot at stake!

You Don’t Have to Be Great to Play It

Have you watched an average group of people play roundnet at the beach or park? It’s awkward. They rarely keep the ball in play, which disrupts the flow and makes it not so fun unless everyone has developed the requisite skills. It’s like playing hacky sack with a buddy who has never played before. 

With Popongo, you can fake it until you make it. The game is played in a seamless manner regardless of whether or not your aim is true. And if you purchase the official Popongo net you can keep missed balls from flying away from the game zone and disrupting someone’s picnic.

Your search for a Spikeball alternative ends here. Popongo sets are available for sale at our online store, and those within the continental United States enjoy FREE shipping! If you have any additional questions feel free to contact the team at Popongo anytime.

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