Games to Play at Tailgate Party - Tailgating Games for Sale

Looking for a New Game to Play at Your Next Tailgate Party?

Tailgating is a longstanding tradition in the USA. American Heritage reports that it all started in 1869 during college football games at university campuses in New Jersey. The concept spread like wildfire across the country, doing more for pickup truck sales than the agricultural and construction industries together (totally not true). Drink coolers and portable BBQs may not exist without tailgate parties (probably true). 

A major part of tailgating is game-play. It provides attendees with something to do before “kick-off”, during quarters and intermissions, and after the event prior to security giving everyone the boot. Activities to date include everything from horseshoes and washers to ladder toss and cornhole. However, you’re looking for an alternative to games like cornhole and the rest. You pride yourself in having the latest grill, vehicle infotainment, and craft brew, so you want the newest games to play at a tailgate party too! 

You’ve landed in the right place. When it comes to tailgating games for sale there is nothing that will get fellow ‘gaters curious and amped to play than Ponpngo. You can buy your board set right here, or read ahead first for more information.

Why Popongo Leads the Pack of Games to Play at Tailgate Parties in the USA in 2024 and Beyond

Engaging and Fun to Play

The color-coded point system makes Popongo more engaging to play than common tailgate games with a targets and UFOs (uninspired flying objects). For details on how the multicolored cups and balls are used to attain points, including the feared Equalizer, click here.

Games to Play at Tailgate Party - Tailgating Games for Sale

Easy Set-Up and Take-Down

The Ponpongo board and accompanying balls and cups are lightweight, easy to transport, and seamless to setup and and takedown. You can take it to/from the stadium lot as easily as you can to/from your neighbor’s carport.


Despite the lightweight advantage, Popongo is sturdily designed and constructed to handle the bumps and bruises of tailgate parties. This is a huge relief for those who are tired of tossing out (and repurchasing) busted ladder toss games and the like.

Controlled Environment

Things may or may not get out of control at your tailgate parties, but Popongo won’t be to blame for that part. You can purchase the official Popongo net to keep balls from bouncing awry, and the official pickup tube to scoop the ones that didn’t make it into the cups. After all, who wants to bend down and do labor at a tailgate party??

It Just Looks Cool

Games to Play at Tailgate Party - Tailgating Games for Sale

Popongo was designed for function and aesthetics alike. The balls are (and remain) colorful and vibrant, unlike raggedy cornhole bags and rusted horseshoes. The accompanying cups and board set further set your tailgating party contribution apart from others in the parking lot or cul-de-sac.

Your search for games to play at a tailgate party ends here. Popongo sets are available for sale at our online store, and those within the continental United States enjoy FREE shipping! If you have any additional questions feel free to contact the team at Popongo anytime.

Check out Popongo in action on our Instagram!

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