Games for Airbnb Guests - Indoor and Outdoor Fun!

Games for Airbnb Guests - Indoor and Outdoor Fun!

Owning and managing an Airbnb vacation rental can be very lucrative, as long as you attain positive guest reviews and consistent occupancy rates through all seasons. Of course, this is known, which is why it's a highly competitive market out there, whether your property is on the coast of California or tucked into a mountain community in Colorado.

To set your property (or properties) apart from the rest, you need to pay attention to the small details which make a big impact on guest experiences. While access to activities and attractions in the region are what draw guests to your rental, you want to ensure that they enjoy themselves when "at home". The purchase of thoughtful indoor and outdoor games for Airbnb guests are instrumental in this goal. While there are no shortages of games touted as being ideal for vacation rentals, there is one that is the newest and most refreshing entry on the market - POPONGO! Let's review.

How Adding Popongo to Your Airbnb Will Enhance Guest Enjoyment Through All Four Seasons

Fun for the Whole Gang

A colorful collection of balls, cups, and a fun game board - what's not to love for families with tots in tow? Family guests also appreciate the educational nature of the game as their kids develop hand-eye coordination skills while learning math along the way. But don't worry if you rent your home to the college crowd and older, as Popongo is quickly becoming known at America's new alternative to games like cornhole and beer pong in addition to being a far more interesting alternative to Spikeball.

Won't Damage Your Property

The primary concern for every Airbnb owner is the threat of property damage. This is something to consider when selecting which games for Airbnb guests you'll invite into the house or condo. You'll be pleased to know that Popongo balls, cups, and boards are all made of strong yet lightweight materials that are not potentially damaging like cornhole sets and the like. Better yet, you can add an official Popongo ball net to your purchase which will keep missed balls from bouncing awry. Guests will also enjoy picking up the missed ones with the official Popongo ball pickup tube which you can also add to your cart. When not in use, the set can be gathered up and tucked away safely until ready for further enjoyment.

Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Games for Airbnb Guests - Outdoor and Indoor Board Game

Popongo has been designed and constructed for safe, fun, and effective indoor and outdoor use. Airbnb guests can play indoors when the skies are grey (or at night) and enjoy countless of warm weather fun with the outdoor board game when the sun shines from above. This game is the perfect blend of indoor and outdoor enjoyment through all four seasons!

Games for Airbnb Guests - Outdoor and Indoor Board Game

Super Affordable

Just because investment is required to turn an Airbnb into a money maker doesn't mean that you want to spend money unnecessarily. Find further peace of mind with Popongo in discovering that single board sets are just under $160 while two-board sets (ideal for larger Airbnbs) are under $290.

Ready to boost Airbnb guest satisfaction, reviews, and occupancy rates with America's latest indoor/outdoor game? Click the link below to get your Popongo!


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