Games for Hotel Guests & Resorts

Games for Hotel Guests and Resorts

Resorts continuously look for ways to keep guests engaged and entertained while on-property. In doing so they garner more positive reviews, foster loyalty, and increase occupancy rates. While large capital expenditure in swimming pool design, on-site fitness facilities, and other permanent installations certainly have a positive impact, there's no understating the importance of one of the smallest investments property management can make - games for hotel guests.

Hoteliers who pride themselves in optimizing guest experiences have introduced foosball, pool, and ping pong tables in common areas to the delight of patrons. These timeless games are undoubtedly fun, but as an administrator or procurement manager you're looking for something new and refreshing in the hotel/resort game space. We have developed exactly what you're looking for - POPONGO! Read ahead to learn more.

How Popongo Game Sets Enhance Guest Enjoyment

Inspired Alternative to "Those" Games

Games for Hotel Guests and Resorts

Games like cornhole and even spike ball can be found in outdoor common areas of hotels/resorts. While these have their place, they won't exactly provide a memorable experience for guests. Popongo is an ideal and more inspired alternative to these games. For more insight into these comparisons, please review the following:

Parents Love to See Their Kids Engaged in an Actual Activity

Family guests adore Popongo because it keeps their young kids and teens alike engaged in something that doesn't involve a digital screen. Tablets, androids, and iPhones will get tucked away as kids rush down to hotel common areas to get first dibs on the property's Popongo sets. You will probably have to buy a few to keep up with demand!

Cool for the "Mature" Crowd Too

Popongo may be fun and educational for young hotel guests, but make no bones about it, it's a blast for the beer pong and shuffleboard crowd too. It won't be uncommon to find a guest with a Mai Tai in one hand while aiming a Popongo ball with the other.

No Activity/Common Area Hazards

Hotels/resorts with ping pong tables know the pain of watching 40 mm acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic balls fly across common areas and into the path of unsuspecting senior citizen patrons. You'll be pleased to know that this is not a problem with Popongo. Official ball nets can be purchased (view here) with each set, while guests will enjoy using the official pickup tube (view here) for balls that miss their mark.

Can Be Provided to Guests for Hotel Rooms Too

From ball to cup and board, Popongo game sets are lightweight and easy to set-up and take-down. This is idyllic not just for common areas, but for hotel suites too. That's right, your resort can offer guests the opportunity to rent out (for free or a fee) to take back to their rooms so that the game can be played at their leisure.

Games for Hotel Guests Resorts

Most Affordable Guest Experience Investment

The average cost of a resort pool table is $7500. The average cost of a hotel quality ping pong set and foosball table is $1500 and $2000, respectively. The price of a two-board Ponpngo set? Under $260! At that low rate hotels can buy multiple sets without putting a dent in their guest amenities budget. The more you buy, the better the discounts get, so be sure to contact us directly to discuss options for your properties.


Branding Options Available

Would you like to see Popongo added as a guest activity to all of your resort brand properties? Branding options are available for larger scale purchases. Contact us directly to discuss opportunities.